One day the magical Elephant training course
- E lephanst
- L ovely guide
- E xcellent food
- P roper good elephants
- H appy beasts
- A mazing viese
- N aughty baby elephants
- T ill next time !!!
Baan Chang Elephant Park
     Give you a wonderful introduction to the Asian elephants. You will learn about the behaviors and lifestyle of these elephants, also you can learn how to control and bath the elepants as if you are a Mahout. All the while, you will be able to ride elephants through the hills .
Should to Know Before Visit us!!!!!
  • We adopt and rescue elephants from unsuitable living condition such as circuses, and illegal logging camps.
  • We provided a home and a purpose for domesticated elephant with the generous support of visitors who take advantage of the once-in-a lifetime opportunity for Elephant Mahout Training.
  • We still chained and still used a bull hook to keep elephant safety also a safety for visitors. We still have 2 things for a safety reason but not for cruel.
  • We are AGAINST the practice of separating baby elephants from their mother.
  • We are also AGAINST the practice of elephant painting and the training of elephants to dance and to sit or stand on two legs. We consider these practices unnatural and abusive.
  • We teach visitors about the importance elephant preservation and proper eating, sleeping, bathing, and exercising methods. One method of providing exercise for our elephants and a learning experience for our visitors is to allow visitors, to a limited extent, to ride elephants "bareback.
  • We provide upper scale of interaction with elephants in term of quality and flexibility in length of time for our guests.
All this is the Fact about our Park if anyone who don't want to see elephant was chained and still used a bull hook let's try other elephant park.
News & Event
Warning about Baanchang's scam !!
Wednesday - 23 November 2011
,Post by POM
Dear All.. Nowaday in Chiangmai, You might be lured to book our program by our brochure presented at some guesthouse or travel agencies which you might be handed to other elephant camps whom scam .....more.
New Web Link for Our Park Photos
Wednesday - 20 June 2012
,Post by Tinar
This is a new web link that you can get a beautiful Photo by Our visitors.
Support Elephants at Baanchang Elephant Park
Wednesday - 19 January 2011
,Post by Pom & Tinar ( Owner )
Your Money can improve the quality of life for elephants and Our park. For an easy way to donate and help us to save the elephants, .....more.
New Rooms for our visitors.
Wednesday - 13 June 2012
,Post by POM & TINAR ( OWNER )
Now we have 4 more rooms for our visitors to overnight in Our park with hot shower and big king size bed. more.
We are The Winner " The Certificate of Excellence For The Year OF 2012"
Wednesday - 11 July 2012
,Post by Tinar
Baanchang Elephant Park : We got a Certificate from TripAdvisor " The Certificate of Excellence For The Year OF 2012"more.